Import a classic car to the Netherlands

Import a classic car to the Netherlands

From € 999 + shipping costs to the Netherlands

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Importing a classic car from abroad. It sounds like a dream that may become a reality for you. With almost 25 years of experience in importing cars from around the world, VDS Auto Import is the trusted partner for your vintage vehicle!

We understand that your classic car holds immense emotional value that cannot be measured in monetary terms. That's why we handle your vehicle with the utmost care. From transportation to logistics, inspections, and workshop modifications, we take care of every aspect.

We were assisted excellently and efficiently with the import of our car. Clear quotation and friendly communication.

— Lucienne van Vliet

The benefits of importing classic cars

Because the Dutch government encourages the purchase and import of objects with historical value, there are several benefits you can enjoy when importing a classic car.

  1. Classic cars are exempt from BPM (vehicle tax).
  2. Classic cars are exempt from import duties.
  3. Classic cars qualify for a reduced VAT rate of 9% instead of 21%.
  4. Classic cars older than 40 years are eligible for an exemption from motor vehicle tax (mrb). For gasoline cars with a first registration date before 01-01-1988 and younger than 40 years, a quarter rate applies, provided they are not used on public roads in the months of December, January, and February.
  5. All cars with a first registration date before 1960 are exempt from the APK (periodic vehicle inspection).

Have you found and purchased a classic car or vintage vehicle? You can import it with all the financial benefits. Request a free quote using the button below.

Importing classics - What to consider?

BPM declaration for classic vehicles

When importing a classic vehicle, you are exempt from paying BPM (vehicle tax). However, you still need to submit a BPM declaration as part of the procedure to register the vehicle with a Dutch license plate. The declaration process for classic vehicles is often different from regular BPM declarations and needs to be done manually. When importing your classic vehicle, we take care of the entire procedure, submit the BPM declaration to the Tax Office, and ensure it is ready for the RDW (Netherlands Vehicle Authority) for inspection.

Luxury vintage license plates

Once your vehicle is ready after registration, we offer special vintage license plates in this case. These license plates are characterized by their dark blue color with white embossed numbers and letters, making them distinct from the "regular" yellow Dutch license plates. The perfect finish for your classic car!

Only vehicles manufactured before January 1, 1978, are eligible for these vintage license plates.

What qualifies as a "classic car"?

A car is considered a classic or an old timer when it is 40 years or older. In this case, you no longer have to pay road tax for vehicles with gasoline engines. People sometimes refer to vehicles that are older than 26 years but younger than 40 years as "old timers." For these vehicles, you pay reduced road tax.