Import your car from a non-EU country

Import your car from a non-EU country

From € 1.449 + shipping costs to the Netherlands

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At VDS Auto Import we're not restricted to specific countries and continents - we operate worldwide! Whether it's from Switzerland, Norway, or Canada, it's good to know that we can handle the entire process - from door to door. From administrative procedures, registrations and BPM handling to full-service import, including transportation.

Importing from a country outside the EU can be time-consuming and complex, but with VDS Auto Import you're at the right address!

Always been the right address for me. Professional and good advice. Costs are very reasonable. Completely satisfied with this company.

— E. Köse

Professional and transparent

Importing outside of Europe involves many aspects, so we have made the process clear for you. Choose between the Basic package for simple administrative handling or the Ultra package for a comprehensive range of services. We can provide the services according to your preferences. Convenient, isn't it?

Importing vehicles from outside of EU

Detailed vehicle history with CARFAX

If you have your eye on a car from the US or Canada, we recommend requesting a CARFAX report before purchase. This document contains a detailed vehicle history and can protect you from a bad purchase and hidden defects. You can easily order a CARFAX report online or through us!

Conversion according to European requirements

n addition to technical inspections, we can handle the necessary technical modifications in our professional workshop. This includes changing the lighting, but we can also fit accessories such as (detachable) tow-bar, insurance-approved alarm system, and navigation systems. Conversion is quoted separately. Please consult your VDS Auto Import specialist for more information.

Aftermarket parts not allowed

Sometimes certain parts of the vehicle have been replaced with Japanese aftermarket parts. These may include headlights, exhaust systems, and shock absorbers. Since these parts do not have European approval, a vehicle with these parts cannot be admitted. Please be aware that it may be necessary to replace modified parts before the car can be inspected.

Do not overpay on taxes

VDS Auto Import always offers you the lowest BPM (vehicle tax) method. This means that we calculate the BPM using all accepted methods and select the most favorable calculation method for you. This way, you always pay the lowest possible remaining BPM amount. If desired, we can also handle the BPM declaration based on an appraisal by a certified appraiser.

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