Import your vehicle from the United Arab Emirates!

Import your vehicle from the United Arab Emirates!

From € 1.549 + shipping costs to the Netherlands

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United Arab Emirates or Qatar is known for their luxury cars. Whether it's from Dubai or Abu Dhabi, or maybe you've purchased a car from Qatar, we take care of the import - from door to door!

Importing cars can be time-consuming and complex, but we're here to help you! From administrative procedures, conversion or full-service import handling, including transportation. We take the best care of you and your imported vehicle.

Previously a Lamborghini, now a Ferrari 488 Spider. Excellent guidance, kept their promises, delivered impeccably. Very pleasant assistance. Highly recommended.

— A. Peek

Importing from the Middle East

When you're planning to import a vehicle from the Middle-East (such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Qatar), it's important to know the different technical requirements for vehicles from these countries. Always contact us in advance to consult the possibilities!

Importing from the Middle-East - What to consider?

Different technical requirements

Please note that vehicles produced for the Middle-Eastern market may have different technical requirements than the European market. This may result in higher conversion costs before inspection. Without it, a registration may fail. Please contact your VDS Import Specialist before purchasing your desired vehicle for a free consult and quote.

Save on import duties and BPM

When importing a vehicle from the Middle-East as moving goods, you're exempt from import duties and BPM. Although there are specific requirements that need to be met to comply to this exemption, there are a lot of financial benefits to gain! Check our services on importing as removal goods for more detailed information!

Arjan Blommestein - Senior Import Specialist

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