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Import your vehicle from outside the EU!

Importing a car from outside the EU is an attractive option for those looking for a specific brand or model that is not available in the Dutch market. However, importing a car from outside the EU can be very time-consuming with all customs procedures, import duties, VAT and BPM.

At VDS Auto Import, we have years of experience in importing cars from outside the EU. Our import specialists assist you in finding the best options for transporting your car, handling customs formalities, and calculating the BPM (Dutch vehicle tax). We offer professional import services at competitive rates, allowing you to enjoy your imported car on the Dutch roads carefree.

We understand that importing a vehicle from outside the EU can be a complex process, and that's why we are here! Contact us for a free quote and let us help you import your dream car!

German registration

A Kfz-brief, also known as Kraftfahrzeugbrief, is a durable German vehicle registration document. It is similar to a Dutch vehicle registration. However, a Kfz-brief contains much more information than other European registrations, which is why this document is often used in international car trade.

Do not overpay on tax

At VDS Auto Import, we always search for the most favorable method to calculate the BPM for our customers. This means that we calculate the BPM using all accepted methods and then select the most advantageous calculation method. As a result, you always pay the lowest possible amount of BPM!