Import your vehicle from the United States

Import your vehicle from the United States

From € 1.449 + shipping costs to the Netherlands

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If you're considering importing a car from the United States, VDS Auto Import is here to assist you! We specialize in importing cars from the US, and our knowledgeable and experienced specialists ensure a smooth process.

We offer a wide range of services, including BPM calculation, registration, and transport. Moreover, we take pride in our fast and reliable service, so you can get behind the wheel of your imported car quickly. Through close collaboration with accredited transporters and various inspection authorities, we can guarantee the best prices and quality.

At VDS Auto Import, you can rely on excellent service and expertise in importing cars from the USA. Contact us and discover how we can help you import your dream car.

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Step-by-step guide to importing from America

Are you about to purchase a vehicle from the United States or have you already done so? The following steps provide insight into the import process at VDS Auto Import.


Importing starts with the search for your dream car, motorcycle, or camper. In many cases, these vehicles are purchased online through American auction sites or from car dealerships. You can contact us in advance for a non-binding discussion on the BPM (vehicle tax) and other associated costs.

TIP: Request a CARFAX report in advance for a complete vehicle history!


When importing a car from a non-EU country, it is usually subject to import duties, VAT, and BPM. The amount of these import taxes can influence the decision to import a car or not.

Import duties and VAT

Import duties for passenger cars amount to 10% of the sum of the purchase price plus transportation costs. VAT is 21% of the sum of the purchase price plus transportation costs and import duties.

BPM (Dutch vehicle tax)

The amount of BPM to be paid is determined, among other factors, by the CO2 emissions, age, and market value of the vehicle and can be calculated in various ways. We make sure you don't overpay on taxes!


Transportation when importing from the United States often involves domestic transport (from the place of purchase to the port) and shipping to the Netherlands. We can take care of both domestic transport and shipping right to your doorstep. Request a free quote for all current rates.


In addition to technical inspections, we can handle the necessary technical modifications in our professional workshop. This includes changing the lighting, but we can also fit accessories such as (detachable) tow-bar, insurance-approved alarm system, and navigation systems. Conversion is quoted separately. Please consult your VDS Auto Import specialist for more information.


The inspection for a non-EU vehicle registered in 1998 or later consists of two phases. Firstly, the vehicle undergoes an individual type approval. This is an inspection conducted by the German inspection authority GTÜ. After your car, motorcycle, or camper van has been approved administratively and technically, the Dutch inspection by the RDW (Netherlands Vehicle Authority) is conducted. Because of close collaborations with all the different inspection authorities and our own inspection lane, we guarantee a smooth process.

BPM & registration

After the inspections, we take care of the BPM handling with the Dutch Tax Office. Once this is complete, we handle the registration and license plate registration of the vehicle. After completing all the steps the car is eligible for the Dutch roads.

Importing from the USA - What to consider?

Vehicle history with CARFAX

Got your sights on a car in the US, but still a little unsure if it's reliable? Make sure to request a CARFAX report in advance. This document provides a detailed vehicle history and can protect you from hidden disappointments. You can easily order a CARFAX report online or directly through us.

Adjusting headlight pattern

In the US, a different color is often used for lights and turn signals, which may not conform to EU standards. It is important to know that the lights need to be adjusted before inspection. We can take care of this in our own professional workshop.

Aftermarket parts not allowed

Sometimes certain parts of the vehicle have been replaced with American aftermarket parts. These may include headlights, exhaust systems, and shock absorbers. Since these parts do not have European approval, a vehicle with these parts cannot be admitted. Please be aware that it may be necessary to replace modified parts before the car can be inspected.

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