Conversion in our own workshop

Conversion in our own workshop

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When importing your vehicle, you may need to have certain parts adjusted, such as the lights, in addition to the mandatory conversion required for import. You also have the option to make other modifications to your vehicle, such as adding a Dutch infotainment system with up-to-date European maps, a removable tow hitch, or EU-certified alarm systems.

Throughout the vehicle import process, we can easily perform these modifications for you in our own professional workshop without causing delays in the process.

Contact your VDS Auto Import specialist or use the button below to explore all the possibilities. We're happy to assist you!

Technical pre-inspection

The technical pre-inspection is carried out to verify that the vehicle complies with European regulations. The technical pre-inspection is mandatory when importing a vehicle from outside the EU. If you are importing a vehicle from within the EU, it is not mandatory, but can be performed upon request.

We also offer the technical pre-inspection as a standalone service. We can conduct this for you at €90.75 (including VAT). For more information or advice on requesting a technical pre-inspection, please contact us using the button below.