Import your car as moving goods from outside the EU

Import your car as moving goods from outside the EU

From € 799 + shipping costs to the Netherlands

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Are you moving to the Netherlands soon?

Then it's good to know that it often pays off to bring your car, motorcycle, or camper with you. Many expatriates (expats) and repatriates are exempt from vehicle tax and import duties. This can save you thousands of euros compared to someone who doesn't have this moving goods exemption.

Did you know that there are different conditions for admitting a vehicle as moving goods, making it much easier and more cost-effective to register a car in the Netherlands!

From the moment I got in touch with VDS Auto Import, the correspondence went extremely smoothly and without any waiting periods. The processing of all the necessary documents to import the car was done in a very professional manner, in my opinion. The required time to finalize everything went exactly as expected. My thanks to the facilitator of this entire process!

— R. Haarsma

Conditions for permit exemption BPM for moving from outside the EU

When you want to import your vehicle as moving goods, it is important to consider the legal conditions. You need to meet these conditions in order to benefit from the tax and import duties exemption. Additionally fewer technical requirements apply for vehicles imported as household effects.

  • You are moving to the Netherlands from a country outside the European Union.
  • Your residence is changing to the Netherlands (and thus the European Union).
  • You have resided for a minimum of 12 consecutive months in a country outside the European Union.
  • You have owned the vehicle for at least 6 months.
  • You import the vehicle within 12 months after moving to the Netherlands.
  • You do not lend, pawn, rent, or transfer the vehicle within 12 months from the date the goods are imported.
  • This exemption does not apply to commercial vehicles.

Efficient and cost-effective

When you meet the requirements to qualify for an exemption - we offer two service packages. Will you opt for a single administrative handling, or do you want the import to be fully taken care of?

An Audi imported as removal goods from Dubai

Check the story of importing an Audi from Dubai as removal goods. Bring your car! (Dutch audio)

VDS Auto Import - Removal goods

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