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License plate

License plate office VDS


3 min.

Registering or suspending?

Have you just purchased a new car? In the past, you would go to a post office to have your license plate registered or suspended. VDS is, just like 400 other car dealerships across the Netherlands, affiliated with Kentekenloket.nl.

You can always come by (without an appointment) to transfer your new car, scooter, or other vehicle's registration to us.

Driving without worries

We ensure that your car is registered with the RDW. Transferring at VDS comes with many benefits. You can also take advantage of one of our many convenient services, such as a purchase inspection or an air conditioning check. This way, you can quickly enjoy your car and drive worry-free!

The benefits

  • VDS is RDW certified since 1999
  • Convenient parking at our location
  • Return to us for maintenance

Don't forget to bring your (valid) ID when transferring ownership. Registering a car takes just a few minutes. Want to learn more about how this works? Feel free to contact us for advice at import@vdsautomotive.com or by using the contact form.