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Two-wheeled fun is on the rise - Importing a Motorcycle


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More and more people are enjoying motorcycle rides. In the past year, a record number of 33,751 motorcycle licenses were obtained. There have also been record numbers in the purchase of electric motorcycles.

The numbers speak for themselves

In addition to electric vehicles, many new motorcycles have been sold, with popular brands including Yamaha, BMW, and KTM, according to data from BOVAG. The sale of used motorcycles is also noteworthy, with a record number of 140,000 transactions in the past year.

Motorcycling is becoming increasingly popular among the Dutch, and the numbers for motorcycle license exams have never been higher. In 2022, an impressive 33,751 Dutch citizens passed their exams.

Importing a motorcycle

When you can't find your dream motorcycle in the Netherlands, it can be well worth considering importing it from Germany, Belgium, or another European country. And often, you can save money by doing so.

VDS Auto Import has several years of experience in importing motorcycles. We are also ready to assist if you want to bring your vehicles as part of your personal belongings when moving. And when you want to import a motorcycle from outside of Europe, you can entrust the entire process to us.

Want to learn more about importing a motorcycle? Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation via import@vdsautomotive.com or through the contact form.